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Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets

Top Affiliate Programs

When someone first comes to the Internet searching for an online business, affiliate marketing is always an easy choice. There is no inventory, no selling, and you collect commissions everytime someone purchases from your links. Unfortunately though, it's hard to find a 5 star affiliate marketing program. In order to get that money making niche, you have to go through a series of tests.

Researching Your Niche

The idea behind finding a niche doesn't involve just choosing something you like to promote. There are many things to consider. It most likely involves extensive research that would enable you to find niches that are likely to produce for you. It will often be something like meal plans for weight loss, or some other highly targeted product. Whatever the case may be, the primary objective is to find an item that is searched for a good amount of times each month, and has minimal competition.

Promoting Your Niche

Then of course when you do find that 5 star affiliate marketing program, you have to know how to promote it. This area involves so much information it's usually the section that keeps people from making the big bucks. You've got everything from building websites, email marketing, auto responders, pay per click, social networks, forums, and about a million other things. Definitely information overload!

Finding the Right Keywords

One thing to understand about affiliate marketing products is that you need the help of keywords to market them. You've probably already read about multiple ways to find the right keywords, but 9 times out of 10 these are incomplete (in my opinion). Sure, these avenues might help you make a few sheckles here and there, but most likely you came online to build a replacement or full time income. In order to succeed at that level, you need a proven system for keyword research and selection. Tools can help make the job easier, but this is the single most important step in making money online or not.

Making Money Faster

Unfortunately the majority of affiliate marketers out there need money RIGHT NOW! This is another area that cools off that bright light when things don't move along as planned. The most important thing to understand is that choosing a niche, finding the right keywords and promoting it all go hand-in-hand. If you have one but not the other then you will end up being disappointed.

Building Various Streams

Another hint you've probably heard about before is building multiple streams of income. I am a strong believer of this advice. You basically go out and find several 5 star affiliate marketing programs, then have money coming in from each one. The biggest mistake most people make here is they try to build several at the same time. This usually leads people to get frustrated and give up. A better method is to get one system set-up, optimized and producing income, then you can begin work on the next one.

The Solution

In order to bring all this madness to an end, you need help. Finding affiliate marketing products can be a difficult task, and making serious money could take months or even years. There is always the possibility you could not make anything at all. The point is you need to alleviate the frustration and work towards a new solution. If you need more help, I can point you in the right direction.

5 Star Affiliate Marketing

Last time I told you about the affiliate arithmetic the pros focus on.

Now you know that volume is what counts. And consistency. It's about invading a niche, sniping your competition and stealing their profits with impunity.

But there's something else you need to know about how the pros do business.

You know how the JV launch formula works. If you didn't know before, you certainly know after I described it last time. It's always about who you know. If you have lots of friends with big lists, you can sell a ton of product and grow your own list at the same time.

That's great, but what if you don't know lots of folks with big lists?

Even more important, what if you don't want to DEPEND on the big list owners to put food on your table?

That's where the pros know something else that most of the "big score" affiliates don't. They focus on something completely different from the get-go.

They know it's all about maximizing profit. That means focusing on three things:

1) Promoting products with a high sale price, which helps with #2 ...

2) Promoting products that pay a high commission amount (the percentage isn't as important)

3) Driving free traffic to offers, which doesn't devour profits

When you put those together, you have an affiliate cash engine that will keep pumping out the profits for months and years. That's the core of affiliate marketing success.

The pros do this all the time. They laugh at people who say it's hard to make money with affiliate marketing. It's simply NOT hard if you focus on the right things.

Back to the math again ...

Remember the example I gave you last time? To refresh your memory, somebody was promoting products with a hundred sites, getting one sale per day at each site, and making $15 commission on each sale. That brought in a cool $1,095,000 per year.

Not bad, right? Nope, not at all. But let's change one number. We'll keep the number of sites, and we'll keep the one sale per day. But let's say the marketer makes $150 per sale.

Now the profit jumps to $15,000 a day. No, that's not a typo.

And the profit per year? It's a tad less than $5.5 million. I don't know about you, but that's life changing money for me!

That's why the pros aren't always trying to sell you a $500 course about what they do. They're too busy PROFITING from what they do to care about creating products.

And that's the reason my Super Affiliate Sniper System is such a great find. You won't find anybody else talking about this.

The only way I learned what the pros are doing is by pestering one of them until he decided to spill his guts...and spying on others to reverse engineer what they're doing.

I put all of that learning and research into my system. You won't be making four and five figures a day tomorrow, but there's no reason you can't ramp up to that level pretty quickly.

That's the last clue I'll give you about what the pros do. They find what works, then they scale it up big time. I mean to massive revenue levels.

I'm going to show you what they do. I'll show you how to find the right products to promote, and how to drive wave after wave of free traffic to your offers. And I'll show you how to scale up.

It took me years to figure all of this out, but you can know it all in minutes. Then you can focus on finally breaking through to the online dream you've had for years.

The Truth From An Affiliate Marketing Insider ...

Iím going to tell you something a little surprising and maybe upsetting to begin with.

If youíre looking for that big affiliate score, meaning that five- or six-figure windfall payday, well STOP IT!

That might sound crazy, but itís not. The reason I say it is that the real super affiliates donít do business that way. These are the folks you DONíT see screaming about how they just made six figures promoting something.

The real pros are too busy raking in six figures a month, consistently, reliably, month after month. Thatís what REAL success looks like. The big bonanza paydays are usually just flashes in the pan.

In this message and future ones, Iím going to give you the secrets to HOW they do what they do. It boils down to two simple things that most people completely miss as they chase after the latest ďmake a lot of money quicklyĒ fad.

Once you know these two things, youíll be ready to duplicate these 5 star affiliate marketing strategies for yourself. Iím going to open your eyes to why youíve been failing. Once you understand that, then you can succeed.

The first thing you have to understand is that the ďsecretĒ to making huge money as an affiliate is volume and duplication. That is it. It doesn't matter particularly what product or campaign you are promoting (within a few simple boundaries), if you can master these two simple skills, volume and duplication, you can become very wealthy indeed.

How many times have you heard that sales is a numbers game? Probably most of your life. So why should it be any different with online marketing? The truth is, there is no difference. Online affiliate marketing is a math problem. No, itís simpler...itís an arithmetic problem. Think about the product launch frenzy you see just about every week online. It always follows a typical pattern.

Youíll have a boatload of marketers screaming about Product X. Theyíll send you email after email, probably with all sorts of bonus offers. (Have you ever noticed most of the email are identical?)

When the dust settles, youíll get another few guys who came from out of nowhere to make a five- or six-figure windfall profit promoting the product. I bet you know what always comes next ...

At least one of them claims he ďcracked the codeĒ to making big bucks as an affiliate, and gets all of buddies to promote his new product about how he did it.

Then the cycle starts over again.

But thatís not what the pros do. Anybody can send a promotional email to a list of 100,000 people and get a one percent response rate. If every sale brings in a commission of $30, thatís $30,000 profit.

Thatís just math too. And itís nice math, donít get me wrong. But the math the real pros use looks like this...

They set up LOTS of long-running, consistently earning campaigns. They might have over one hundred sites pumping out cash. Now letís calculate the results.

Letís say they get a low $15 on every sale, and each site gets just one sale a day (which is outrageously low). If they have two hundred sites getting one sale a day, thatís 200 sales a day. At $15 commission per sale, theyíll make $3,000 a day.

See how that math works? Itís not a $75,000 one-time windfall profit. Itís $3,000 a day on autopilot.

The guy making $75,000 might think heís an expert, but letís keep the math going. Suppose he does one of those massive blowout promotions every month for a year. Thatís $900,000 profit in 12 months. Not too bad you say? Well I agree, but the $3,000 a day guy beats him by almost two hundred grand a year! I think you can agree that's better.

Once you know the right math to use, itís easy to see how the pros do what they do. They focus on regular, consistent, significant affiliate commissions; not the one-time big score.

Thatís exactly what I show you how to do in the Super Affiliate Sniper System. It's all about how to sneak into just about any niche you want, snipe your competition, and start getting the math on your side. Check out this e-course by clicking on Affiliate Sniper.

I'll be back with some additional information for you on how to use affiliate marketing programmes to set yourself up for life. Maybe you can fund your own social security or health care plan. ; - )

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and content by submitting a comment and/or question to my Business Builder Group Blog.

Thanks so much for your time. I hope you learned something from your visit here.

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