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ou've heard it a million times - just buy my e-book with Master Resale Rights and you can make a fortune! Chances are you have bought some - and gotten even more through one giveaway or another, right? And you KNOW there are people making money with Resale Rights - some of them Really Big Money - all over the Internet...

And that's what makes it so bloody frustrating, isn't it? You've got some products to sell, often the same stuff other people are making money with - but how do you get in on that gravy train? How do you REALLY start making money with it all? Either everything you read was too confusing for you to start moving forward, or everything you tried cost more money and never seemed to work... It's so maddening - you finally realize that they must know SOMETHING that they're not telling you - there must be some tricks the 'big dogs' keep to themselves about making money with Resale Rights...

Yes, I know how you feel - I know EXACTLY how you feel! I've sat in that same chair, staring at that same monitor - probably even used all the same swear words you do - and then a few! You see, I had to start somewhere too... And since it was a long time ago by Internet standards, I didn't have access to even half of the resources you do - they didn't exist yet. But I persevered - and today am very glad that I did! But boy, do I wish there had been a road map - a path to follow so I could have avoided a lot of the heartache and mis-steps. So now I've created one - to show you what I learned, how it turned it all around for me - and can do the same for you! Here you go - I'm revealing The Secrets To...


ow you, too, can unlock the profit potential of Resale Rights products and learn to profit from them using this step-by-step System For Success! No more struggling with unfamiliar terms, unknown procedures and the like - I've laid it out in simple, easy-to-understand terms for everyone to grasp - even included illustrations of necessary tasks like FTP'ing your files or doing your keyword research.

What I've left out is the filler, the fluff. There's absolutely nothing in this book you don't need to know - I've condensed it all into 39 hard-hitting pages. But don't be fooled by it's size - there isn't another publication I've seen that has the exact step-by-step instruction you need. And just to be sure, I've run it past some of the best-known names in the biz to see what they thought. Here are their responses:

Becoming A Resale Magnate enables the customer to do just that!

A wonderful, no-fluff presentation of the world of resale rights, where to get them, how to use them and most importantly... how to PROFIT from them!

Well done!

Tuks Engineer,

Doug, Just got done reviewing your e-book, 'Becoming A Resale Magnate!'. Usually I find e-books on anything to do with Resale Rights total trash loaded with tons of affiliate links.

With your ebook, I was pleasantly surprised! You have covered it all. Your experience as one of the big players in the 'resale rights market' is PACKED into this ebook.

Not many people know how to profit with resale rights like you do. Anyone wanting to start making real money with resale rights has to get their hands on this resource!

The only thing I would change, Doug, is the title. It should be called, 'The Definitive Guide To
Profiting With Resale Rights!'.

This ebook truly is a definitive guide - once again you've produced an incredible product!!

Liz Tomey

Hi Doug,

Re: Becoming A Resale Magnate!

Your new manual in essence is really like a good pair of windshield wipers that clear up a lot of issues when it comes to resale rights marketing online.

I also like the detail in each area you cover where you present a step by step focus for easy learning. Here again you offer clarity for anyone who wants to get into resale rights marketing and succeed at it.

I find your approach fresh and solution orientated but above all - extremely useful!

Keep up the great work!

Michael Nicholas

I just read Becoming A Resale Magnate and I have to say I'm very impressed! You've left no stone unturned in these 39 pages of highly valuable information. You've covered absolutely
everything imaginable, even the latest marketing tactics.

Well worth the read for anyone who wants to
make more money online with resale rights.

Eva Browne-Paterson

Hi Doug,

Just wanted to let you know what an excellent plan you have put together here!

The way you break it down step-by-step is very helpful for anyone trying to figure out this game. I especially enjoyed the section where you explain exactly what each 'rights' mean - Resale, Master, Private Label, etc.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Ken Reno

I read Becoming A Resale Magnate and must say it's one of the most 'to the point' materials about the whole resale rights business.

Anyone who's thinking about starting their own business by purchasing resale rights should read this e-book before taking their first step. It'll make them avoid quite a few heartaches and help them in making the right decisions. It's a great guide for people getting started as you've even covered the technical aspects of setting up an online business.

Highly recommended!

Kavi Kodai

Doug - after reading your blogging book, I had big expectations for your latest book. I am happy to say that 'Becoming a Resale Magnate' far surpassed what I was expecting!

You do a fabulous job of laying out all the details of owning a resale rights business. This book would be perfect for newbies and advanced marketers alike. Every person should be able to pick up at least one new idea for profiting from reading it.

You did a great job explaining the differences between all of the different types of 'rights' available and I loved all of the resources. I'm surprised that you were able to get so much information into such a tiny book!

Keep up the good work ... I'll be waiting for your next one!

Gina Gaudio-Graves

All the 39 pages of 'Becoming A Resale Magnate' are full of stuff that's WORKING right now! No fluff, No beating around the bush -- FULL of solid information. Any high-school student can now easily start earning real money with this powerful yet easy to use e-book.

I appreciate the forethought you've put up in explaining every detail about starting a resale rights
business easily. Especially the resources you've provided for domain, hosting etc., which are marvelous. I not only enjoyed reading your e-book but also managed to pick-up a couple of ideas for my own business!

Keep up the good work!

Raam Anand

'Becoming A Resale Magnate' is a great resource for anyone looking to start their resale rights business, or simply looking to get a leg up on the competition. It literally covers everything you need to know about -- from what kind of products to look for, to how to set up your resale rights pages, to how to successfully promote your sites.

I highly recommend 'Resale Magnate' to anyone who wants to learn more about resale rights products, and plan on using some of the information to further my earnings with resale rights products.

Thanks Doug!

Mike Steup

If you're looking to get into one of the most lucrative sectors of internet marketing - Resell Rights - then 'Becoming A Resale Magnate!' is the one e-book that you'll want to read, and refer back to, often!

Follow along as Doug walks you through 39 no-fluff, easy reading pages, packed with the information that you need to take you from 'A' to 'Z'; from newbie to making money online.

Stuart Halpryn

o now you're wondering just what I could have crammed into just 39 pages that would have this quality of well-known, uber-successful Internet and Niche Marketers heaping such lofty praises on 'Becoming A Resale Magnet', right? Here's what's in this powerful volume you're about to download:

Getting Resale Rights
    Free or Paid Rights
    Branding Rights
    Types of Resale Rights
    Resell Rights Restrictions
Choosing Your Resell Rights Products
    Internet Marketing or Niche Marketing?
    Your Approach – Rifle or Shotgun?
    Your Target Keywords
    Your Target Price Range
Preparing To Resell
    Your Hosting
    Your Domain Names
    Your Payment Processors
    Fully-Featured Professional Autoresponders
Setting Up Your Sites
    Ready-Made Sales Pages
    Designing Your Own Sales Pages
    Adding Payment Buttons
    Thank You Pages
    Download Pages
        Your Download Link
        Your Back-End Offer
    Uploading Your Files
Promoting Your Site
    Blogging & Pinging
    Google Sitemaps
    Mailing Lists and Autoresponders
    Getting Links To Your Site
        Reciprocal Links
        Testimonial Links
        Article Links
        Signature Links
        Forum Links
        Branded Links
    Advertising Your Site
        E-Zine Ads
        PayPerClick Ads
Moving Forward

ike I said, there's a lot packed into these 39 pages - information that will be worth thousands of dollars to those who read it and follow the program step-by-step. Advanced marketers will be able to make that just from one or two of the tactics here - but EVERYBODY can learn & earn from this e-book, make no mistake!

Do you know which hosting site is BEST suited to niche marketers and Resale Rights? Do you know where to get new e-books with Master Resale Rights for about $6 each - books that sell from $7.95 to $47 each? Do you know which HTML editor has the shortest learning curve, codes cleaner than the big programs, and is still inexpensive? Do you know what type of opt-in list will provide the best response & revenue - and how to build it on auto-pilot? Do you know how to get into search engines in less than a week - for free?

You will - after you've read Becoming A Resale Magnate!

If you read this e-book from cover to cover, make notes specific to your own plans, then use it as a reference text while you build your Resale Empire, you'll get untold value from Becoming A Resale Magnate! But because you're downloading YOUR copy right now, I'm going to give you EVEN MORE VALUE... I'll even throw in MASTER RESALE RIGHTS!

That's Right! Download your copy right now & you'll get the right to sell this e-book - and the right to pass those rights on to YOUR customers too! And to help you with it, you'll even get a copy of this page and the Thank You page & Download page you're about to see - a full ready-to-customize-and-use web site. And with the info in the e-book itself, you'll even know how to get this page online and working for you in next to no time!

Your Master Resale Rights & Restrictions:

To protect you and every other reseller, certain rights & restrictions apply to those rights. Because I believe in full disclosure, I want to show them to you BEFORE you download your copy... Here they are:

  • You may not give this e-book away for free.
  • You may not add this e-book to free membership sites.
  • You may not sell this e-book through any online auctions.
  • You may not alter this publication in any way – it must be distributed exactly as you received it, with the exception of branding the links if you purchase that option. Details on branding may be found within the e-book itself.
  • The salespage must be used exactly as is – you do not have the rights to make any changes to it other than adding your own name & contact info, bonuses and your payment links. No other links or copyright notices may be altered.
  • This e-book may not be bundled with other products or used as a bonus for any other offer.
  • You may not separate the Resell Rights from the offer, nor charge extra for the rights.
  • You may add other products as a bonus to those buying this e-book as long as this e-book remains the lead item.
  • You may add this e-book to paid membership sites.
  • You may sell it as is – it's designed to sell that way.
This is a valuable resource, and your offer should always reflect that fact. You may sell this e-book for any amount from $47 up. Should you attempt to sell this product for less than $47, your Resell Rights will automatically become null and void.

Please note that you MUST make these Rights and Conditions apparent on any site where this e-book is for sale. Be sure your buyer receives this information – no exceptions.

Becoming A Resale Magnate comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Download 'Becoming A Resale Magnate' today and if it doesn't live up to everything we've said - for ANY reason - simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund!

Download Becoming A Resale Magnate right now, with Master Resale Rights, for only $47!

Your 'Becoming A Resale Magnate' e-book is in .PDF format
for easy viewing & printing from ANY computer.

To your online success,

Doug Champigny - Author &

Franto Hruz - Affiliate

PS - If you have any doubt about this e-book or it's ability to help your Resale Rights business, re-read the testimonials above. If you've been online for any length of time, you already know of some or all of the successful online marketers listed - and you KNOW they wouldn't risk their reputations by offering testimonials they don't mean!

PPS - If you're happy with your results online and have no desire to maximize the opportunities the Internet presents, skip this e-book. But if you want to start or improve your own online biz with an eye to controlling your own destiny, grab it now!

PPPS - By downloading this powerful resource today, you're guaranteeing yourself the Master Resale Rights to this e-book - and getting the web site to sell it from thrown in! I can't guarantee these rights will be available forever, so download your package right now and start building your biz today!

LEGAL NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money. Always perform full Due Diligence and seek appropriate Professional advice when contemplating any business endeavor or investment opportunity.