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Your Ideal Income Creation Tool

If you were presented with two (2) hot affiliate programs, one paying out 50% INSTANT commissions (the customer pays YOU DIRECTLY on 1 out of every 2 sales), the other offering 50% commissions payable in 4 weeks, which one would you choose?

You bet! Hands down it’s the one hawking 50% Instant Commission Payments.

And you’re not alone. Affiliates love knowing that their affiliate payments will flow DIRECTLY FROM THE CUSTOMER. With today’s portable technologies, many affiliates get instant notifications that they have “received a payment” through PayPal. Cha…CHING! It’s no wonder Instant Commission products are now the first choice for many affiliates.

And the result to you? How about an exponential sales EXPLOSION for as long as your product or service stays in demand.

For quite a while, two products enjoyed the most attention for providing instant payments – $7 Secrets script on the low end – $7 or less – and Rapid Action Profits on the high end – nearly $200!

But that all ends today.

Finally, there’s a third option that’s a lot easier on the pocketbook than Rapid Action Profits and provides significantly more function than the bare-bones $7 Secrets script.

Affiliate ZIP! was specifically designed with the needs of internet marketers in mind. It works for any digital product that can be sold through PayPal.

First, like the other two Instant Commission scripts, Affiliate ZIP! has:

  • Instant Commission Payments
  • Instant Affiliate Signup – with Email Validation
  • No Need to Do “Payment Runs” – Because affiliate payments go directly from the customer to your affiliates, you don’t have to manage affiliate payments or worry about end of the year IRS reporting.
  • Viral Sales Incentives – by offering 100% commissions paid out immediately on your product to anyone with a Paypal account, you can create a super environment for viral sales

However, Affiliate ZIP! has one HUGE feature that the other two scripts can’t touch… it’s a WordPress Plugin! That feature alone makes Affiliate ZIP!:

  • Easy to InstallWordPress is known for its “5 minute install” and installing WordPress plugins – like the Affiliate ZIP! – is a cinch
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Add Content – including new sales or review pages
  • Super SEO FriendlyGoogle and Yahoo really LOVE WordPress
  • Easy to Customize – both visually with WordPress themes and functionally with WordPress plugins.

As an affiliate program manager, Affiliate ZIP! provides a few high-end features to help your affiliate program run smoothly and effortlessly.

  • Registration Process for Affiliates – allows affiliates to choose their own affiliate ID by registering for your affiliate program. This allows them to keep their Paypal address private.
  • Broadcast Mail to Affiliates – Email individual affiliates, groups of affiliates, or broadcast mail to ALL affiliates directly from the administrative area.
  • Broadcast Mail to Customers – Email individual customers, groups of customers, or broadcast mail to ALL customers directly from the administrative area.
  • Affiliate Reporting – lets you view sales, total sales generated by each affiliate, payments made to affiliates, and who – you or the affiliate – is to receive the next payment.
  • Basic Affiliate Area – lets affiliates view their performance summaries, see who receives the next payment for a product, and maintain their affiliate profile

Then, Affiliate ZIP! adds a few nifty features of its own – features that don’t have much to do with affiliate commissions but everything to do with servicing your market:

  • Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal accountPayPal is easy to use, but it doesn’t provide a way to hide your ThankYou page or protect your download links. Affiliate ZIP! makes it easy to do both. It’ll hide your Thank You page so that only valid customers can access it and it will expire your download page and encrypt your download URLs so that your links can’t be shared or posted on “pirating” forums.
  • Support multiple products in a single ClickBank AccountAffiliate ZIP! lets you use separate sales, thank you, and download pages for each product you define. That means that you can place multiple products in 1 ClickBank account but still display individually crafted sales pages for each product.
  • Automatically cloak your affiliate links – The benefits of cloaking affiliate links have been discussed frequently on this forum and elsewhere. Affiliate ZIP!‘s AFFILIATE mode handles this for you automagically!
  • Protect your Download Pages – Download pages can only be accessed through a link that includes the buyer’s purchase information. These pages are also set to expire after a period you specify – usually 3-5 days after the purchase.
  • Protect your Download Links – create ugly, cryptic, expiring links that can’t be easily shared or posted on freebie forums
  • Hide your digital product’s actual URL – anyone who sees your download link won’t have a clue about what your download filename is. Everything’s all screwed up with numbers, letters, and special characters that don’t mean a thing to anyone but YOUR software.
  • Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons – saving you tons of time fighting PayPal’s button factory or customizing your own ClickBank buttons.
  • View your Order History – Lets you view your orders AND Resend Confirmation Emails and/or Re-Activate Download links for your customers.

Get the whole package for an unbelievable price right here…

This plugin sells itself plus lots of other products … to make good money selling our products, just signup, get your affiliate link and make some INSTANT 50% commissions … paid directly to YOUR PayPal account!

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4 Responses to AffiliateZIP!

  1. Hi Franto,

    Thanks for sending me the information on this program. I find it quite interesting and possibly useful to me and my affiliates. I have therefore signed up for the program and believe the financial benefits would be rewarding.


    • opti says:

      Hello Dave,

      thanks for visiting my WP Blog and especially for trying out the AffiliateZIP Plugin.

      It’s always a good idea to register as an Affiliate first so you can see for yourself how it works, the kind and number of products you can market with it, etc.

      The best part about it, you can re-sell the AffiliateZIP Plugin as your own very first product the moment you have it set up and ready to rock … 🙂

      It’s also the kind of online tool which may bring you the kinds of clients you may be able to assist further in the future with other online tools, utilities, scripts, software and on-going support, like I do through the Business Builder Group Membership, which provides a recurring commission to members who sell our Group Benefits.

      You are welcome to take advantage of all of these things … and there will be more to come!

      Best wishes,

      Franto in Toronto

      The Business Builder Group

  2. Hi Franto,

    I purchased the AffiliateZip a few months ago from elsewhere as it looks quite interesting. I’m yet to install it and try it out, though. I’ve used the 7 dollar script (v 2.8) in the past and found it to be quite proficient. I’ll give AffiliateZip a test ride and see how it compares.


    • opti says:

      Hi Oswald,

      AffiliateZip is quite a nice script! You can make it into your first Affiliate Product for resale … if you add a number of products on top of it which your affiliates can sell for you successfully, you have it made!

      Best wishes,

      Franto in Toronto

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